Love short and sweet love stories!

Wet, Hot, Australian Christmas - A.V. Sanders

Such a sweet romantic story! I was a little apprehensive about it because, well, sharks are terrifying to me. Sharks were in the book and Reid worked with the sharks but they were mostly in the background. It was mainly concentrating on the technology to track sharks to make it safer for both the shark and swimmers in the ocean. It was a brilliant idea that I wouldn't mind seeing come to fruition in the future. Imagine how many lives could be saved? How sharks reps would improve! That's what the enigmatic Reid was fighting for in this short story. Graham was the Australian native that captured the heart of our American Reid. So sad finding out that Graham lost his pops right around the time he met Reid. However, Graham is expected to take over the family business and even though he lacks the enthusiasm in the beginning I'm so glad that it worked out the way it did. The two MC's were so beautiful together and you could see the connection between them shining so bright! I loved this book and I cannot gush about it enough!